Solution: eIDAS ETSI Training Special Topics

Solution: eIDAS ETSI Training Special Topics


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eIDAS ETSI Training Special Topics

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NOW NEW: We inform you about the status of the new eIDAS 2* regulation on the

  • European Digital Identity Wallet and the new trust services
  • electronic attestation of attributes,
  • the electronic archiving of electronic documents,
  • the management of remote electronic signature and seal creation devices,
  • the recording of electronic data into an electronic ledger.

*Proposal for a REGULATION OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL amending Regulation (EU) No 910/2014 as regards establishing a framework for a European Digital Identity.

We will be happy to coordinate a customised in-house training with you.

Here we can also train more in-depth topics and issues, such as:

  • Procedures for eIDAS-compliant identification (identification procedures) such as
    • Automated identification procedures (deep learning / AI-based)
    • Remote identification procedure (Video-Ident)
    • Face 2 face based identification
  • Certificate printing with special tools,
  • Detailed requirements for products (QSCD / remote signature / remote seal components)
  • Detailed requirements for Qualified Trust Services according to eIDAS as well as certain standard requirements,
  • Legal, process and technical requirements of other countries, e.g. Japan or Switzerland (ZertES), etc.

Example Topic Special “CA/Browser Forum Requirements (CA/B Forum)”:

  • How does my root get into the root of Google, Mozilla, Microsoft, Adobe and co?
  • Requirements of the CA/Browser Forum
    • Baseline Requirements
    • EV Guideline
    • NetSec
  • Baseline Requirements
    • ETSI
    • WebTrust

Example Topic Special “CA Hierarchies and Certificate Profiles”:

  • CA Hierarchies
  • Certificates & Structures
    • Basic structure: x.509 (RFC5280)
    • Structure extensions: ETSI EN 319 412-1 to -5, RFCs

Example Topic Special “CA Lifecycle & Processes”:

  • Setting up a new CA:
    • Key & Certificate Ceremony
  • Identification
  • Registration
  • Application verification
  • Certificate creation and delivery
  • Outsourcing of processes to third parties

Example Topic Special Introduction to “ETSI/eIDAS Conformity Assessment”:

  • General requirements for auditors and accreditation requirements as well as auditor ethics
  • Involved entities and necessary interaction
  • Typical course of an audit project
  • Recommended actions and procedures in audits
  • Requirements and scheme of audit reports

You would like to get to know other topics as content of your training by our experts? Feel free to contact us!


The duration of the training depends on your wishes.

Target group

Companies/employees/managers/auditors who would like to get to know the more in-depth topics according to eIDAS, ETSI or CA/B-Forum requirements (law, costs, time expenditure), who would like to set up a new trust service / trust service, who are active as security officers, who work in trust service operations, etc.


Experienced auditors and certifiers of the accredited conformity assessment body of the TÜV AUSTRIA Group.


Certificate of participation of TÜV TRUST IT GmbH Unternehmensgruppe TÜV AUSTRIA.


The training courses can be held in German or English in consultation with you. The training material (slides, handouts, etc.) is usually in English. In exceptional cases and depending on the requirements, documents in other languages are also used (example: relevant legal standards from non-German speaking countries).

Participation fee

We will be happy to prepare an offer in accordance with your wishes.


We would be happy to hold the event at your premises or, by arrangement, online.

Information & Contact

For further information, please contact Mariana Dohmen at +49 (0) 151 61 3332 15 or

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