Solution: Export Conformity

Solution: Export Conformity

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Export Conformity

Conformity Assessment:
Algeria, Egypt, Irak, Kenya, Libya, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, USA & Canada

TÜV AUSTRIA Group is authorized as an independent certification company to offer export conformity services for the following countries:

  • Algeria – Certificate of Conformity for Exports and Certificate of Quality for Exports
  • Egypt – Conformity Assessment Scheme
  • Irak – Conformity Assessment and Voluntary Certificate of Conformity
  • Kenya – Conformity Assessment Scheme
  • Libya – Certificate of Inspection
  • Saudi Arabia – SASO, Certificate of Conformity
  • Sudan – Conformity Assessment
  • USA/United States & Canada – Machinery Export

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"TÜV AUSTRIA is authorized to offer export conformity services for Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Kenya, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, USA & Canada."

Algeria – Certificate of Conformity for Exports and Certificate of Quality for Exports to Algeria

Consignments for export to Algeria must also undergo a conformity assessment. This applies to all product groups without exception. The requirements for the Conformity assessment are defined by the Central bank of Algeria and are described and recorded in the Letter of Credit (LC) issued by the authority. Depending on the product group, exporters must have their shipments checked with the relevant documentation.

Egypt – Conformity Assessment Scheme

Implemented and monitored by Egypt’s General Organization for Export and Import Control (GOEIC) the Conformity Assessment Scheme requires certification for a variety of imported goods.

TÜV AUSTRIA is approved as a third party inspecting company for this service. We can assess the conformity of corresponding products against Egyptian, or international, standards as applicable.

Irak – Conformity Assessment and Voluntary Certificate of Conformity

The Central Organization for Standardization and Quality Control (COSQC) has regulated the import of the following product groups Food, Chemicals, Engineering, Textiles, Construction and Safety. Particularly with regard to labelling, warnings and instructions for use, it is necessary to comply with specific requirements for these product groups, depending on the product group, as well as the type of approval procedure. In addition to the regulated approval, exporters have the option of applying for a voluntary certificate of conformity. A special feature of the approval procedure for shipments to Iraq is that a valid certificate from a laboratory accredited according to 17025 must be presented. Other proof of testing or certificates are only permitted in exceptional cases.

Kenya – Conformity Assessment Scheme

Implemented and monitored by Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS)
TÜV AUSTRIA TURK is appointed by KEBS as an approved P-VoC agent for issuing Certificates of Conformity (CoC) for the consignments that will be imported to KENYA according to the relevant Kenya Standards or approved specifications.

Libya – Certificate of Inspection

Letter of Credit (ausgegeben durch die Central Bank of Libya)

As in Algeria, the Letter of Credit (issued by the Central Bank of Libya) provides information on the requirements for export approval. While different approval procedures apply for Algeria, the approval procedure to be applied for Libya is always a pre-shipment inspection in the course of which the consignment and its associated supporting documentation is checked.

Saudi Arabia – SASO, CoC, Certificate of Conformity

The Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO) has announced some changes on the Conformity Assessment rules for exports to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. SASO have developed their own electronic certification system called SABER.

SABER system will become mandatory as of 1 July 2018. Importers must now initiate the certification request for regulated products they intend to import by accessing SABER, registering their regulated products and choosing one of SASO approved certification bodies. TÜV AUSTRIA Group has been approved and authorized as a Certification Body (CB) by SASO for issuing Conformity Certificates.

In order to issue these conformity certificates to the importers, TÜV AUSTRIA team will check and inspect customers’ products to ensure that it meets the Saudi standards, technical regulations, safety and quality requirements.

We will be happy to assist you in obtaining your SASO Conformity Certificate for your products. Our experts are always at your disposal for any questions or information.

Sudan – Conformity Assessment

The Conformity Assessment for Sudan is prescribed by the Sudanese Standards and Metrology Organization (SSMO). As in Iraq, the country-specific regulations must be observed with regard to labelling, warnings and instructions for use. Product verification is also regulated similarly to exports to Iraq: With a few exceptions, the products to be exported must be accompanied by a valid certificate from a testing laboratory accredited in accordance with 17025.

USA/United States & Canada – Export of Machinery

Make it easier to export your machines to the US and Canada – we will check the products for compliance with North American legal requirements – at your production facilities and upon installation abroad, prior to the required field evaluation on site. This ensures that you receive the required machine approval from local authorities quickly, easily, and cost-effectively.

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