Solution: Inspection and approval

Solution: Inspection and approval

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"TÜV AUSTRIA is the first point of contact and inspection body for vehicle typing in Austria according to § 33 para. 6 KFG 1967."

Vehicle typification in Austria

Modification means the alteration of components deviating from the standard condition of a vehicle, such as changes to tyre combinations, chassis, add-on parts, etc., the use of which was not provided for in the approval document (type approval certificate or individual approval notice) for the vehicle type.

General requirements

In principle, every modification (with a few exceptions) that is carried out on a vehicle is subject to § 33 para. 6 KFG 1967, and must be reported to the competent provincial government (motor vehicle inspection authorities of the provinces; see page 14). Even when using components that deviate from the standard condition, the vehicle must remain roadworthy and operationally safe. After the conversion, the driving behaviour of the vehicle must not exhibit any critical conditions under normal operating conditions. This must be proven by an approval of the vehicle manufacturer or his authorised representative in Austria (importer) or by an expert opinion of a test centre (e.g. overall expert opinion of TÜV AUSTRIA AUTOMOTIVE GMBH, regarding all components with which the vehicle was converted). Under this condition, an entry is then made in the approval document (type certificate, individual approval notice or CoC document) at the office of the competent provincial government.

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