Research focus

TÜV AUSTRIA Group is a pioneer in digital transformation and is actively committed to a sustainable future. As a leading company, TÜV AUSTRIA Group is committed to driving innovative solutions. Through its open innovation approach, TÜV AUSTRIA works closely with research and industry partners to jointly develop and test innovative concepts and bring them to market. The aim is to make a significant contribution to shaping a sustainable future and to set new standards.

Industrial Safety

One of the TÜV AUSTRIA Group’s central research focuses is Industry 4.0, which enables the comprehensive digitalization and networking of industrial processes. In the field of Industrial Safety, the high-tech system RISE, (Remote Inspection System Edge) based on one of TÜV AUSTRIA’s core competencies of acoustic emission technology, is a pioneer.

RISE measures the acoustic emission at the object, processes the measurement data on the edge and sends it to the TÜV AUSTRIA IoT Hub, where it is finally processed and visually prepared. In this way, safety can be guaranteed 24/7 for industrial plants and infrastructure components.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are significantly shaping science, industry and our everyday lives. The TÜV AUSTRIA Group has recognized this importance and is intensively dedicated to the research and certification of AI applications. One outstanding project is TRUSTED AI, the world’s first certification scheme for machine learning, which provides companies with a reliable guideline to objectively assess their AI systems and promote safe applications.


Sustainability is in the focus of TÜV AUSTRIA Group as one of the most important topics in research and development. Through this innovation driver, TÜV AUSTRIA is actively engaged in sustainable solutions for customers to support them in achieving their climate goals. This can be through the verification of greenhouse gas emissions, the promotion of climate neutrality or the introduction of own labels such as “OK compost” and “OK Recycled” to certify sustainable products. In addition, an outstanding project is the certification of green hydrogen, an important step towards a sustainable future.

Hydrogen. Our competence. Your success. TÜV AUSTRIA Group. | (C) Shutterstock r.classen

Hydrogen is our reality.

Our competence. Your success.

Hydrogen. Our competence. Your success. TÜV AUSTRIA Group. | (C) Shutterstock r.classen

Ben tami.

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