Green Marks

TÜV AUSTRIA Green Marks are certifications that make sustainability verifiable:

  • OK biobased: Based on the determined percentage of renewable raw materials (% biobased), the product can be awarded 1-4 stars.
  • OK compost HOME: Certification for products that can be composted at low temperatures (garden compost).
  • OK compost INDUSTRIAL: Certification for products that can be composted in industrial composting facilities (at temperatures between 55 and 60°).
  • OK Recycled: Defines the requirements by which the recycled content of a product is calculated.
  • OK vegan: Is a comprehensive certification system to avoid all possibilities of contamination of vegan products by materials and ingredients of animal origin.
  • Green hydrogen certification: Proof that the hydrogen comes from renewable energy sources.
  • Carbon footprint certification: An important tool for assessing climate impact and thus a central component of life cycle assessment and sustainability reporting.

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