Solution: Electrical plants

Solution: Electrical plants

Electrical plants

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Electric plants have to comply with the Electrical Technology Law (Elektrotechnikgesetz). TUV Austria carries out the periodical inspections of plants that go under the mining law and law for mining of raw materials according to the maintenance of the duly condition as accredited testing and inspection body according to the decree for electrical protection.

High-voltage (ÖNORM E 8383), low-voltage installations (ÖNORM E 8001) as well as safety power supplies in structural installations for gatherings of people (ÖNORM E 8002) are electrical installations and must comply with the Electrical Engineering Act.

As an inspection body in accordance with the Electrical Protection Ordinance, TÜV AUSTRIA carries out regular inspections with regard to the maintenance of proper condition:

  • Electrical plants with industry
  • Electrical plants, that go under the official mining laws
  • Electrical plants according to the law for the protection of workers (ArbeitnehmerInnenschutzgesetz), decree for electrical protection (Elektroschutzverordnung)
  • Electrical high voltage plants
  • Electrical low voltage plants
  • Safety relevant and high available plant controls
  • Electrical installations at machines
  • Fire alarm systems
  • Alarm systems
  • Control in case of fire
  • Cathodic corrosion protection installations at pipelines and tank farms
  • Electrical installations in theatres, cinemas, stage technical equipment
  • Garages
  • Swimming pools
  • Emergency power supply plants
  • Gas warning systems
  • Electrical installations in training facilities

Electrical plants according to the decree for explosion protection that are:

  1. Electrical plants within explosion endangered areas as e.g. in refineries or in tank farms
  2. Benzin- and diesel petrol pumps
  3. Electro-mechanical air filters
  4. Explosion proof lifting devices
  5. Explosion proof engines and vehicles

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